Get bang for your buck with a well-packed skip

At Trailaskip we offer a range of different solutions depending on the waste you’re dealing with. Your local team will help you choose the right skip for your job and budget, but have you thought about how you pack that skip once it’s delivered?

Packing a skip correctly is vital to ensure you’re getting maximum value for money. If you pack your skip inefficiently you’ll end up paying for space you’re not using, and if you over-fill your skip you may be liable for extra charges or an additional skip. Plus, a poorly packed skip, particularly an overloaded one, can endanger you, your family and your Trailaskip technician.

So how do you approach your skip bin? Before you do anything, identify waste items that can be reused, on-sold or donated to charity. Even some building materials can be on-sold. It may take a little effort but you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

And speaking of environment, check your waste for materials that can be recycled, such as cardboard, plastic and glass. Maximising the use of your local council waste collection services is a top tip for ensure you get value for money out of your skip.

Now you can get down to business. If you’ve ever loaded a car boot or trailer for a family holiday then you’re already on the right track. Approach your skip like a giant jigsaw puzzle, or a game of tetris. How can all your items fit together?

1. Start with flat objects, such as old doors and tables, and lay them down flat in the skip first.

2. Then assess your bulkier items. Heavy waste should be placed on the bottom, but check whether anything can be broken down or crushed. It may be possible to pull apart large pieces of furniture, break bulkier items up or divide large branches into smaller portions. The smaller your items the easier they are to pack.

3. Once you have the heavy items packed snugly on top of the flat items, it’s time to tackle smaller debris and green waste. At Trailaskip we offer a dedicated skip for garden waste, but if you’re working with a mixed load, place your lighter green waste, such as branches, near the top.

Finally, keep your skip bin secure from neighbours and passers-by wherever possible. The last thing you want is to be paying for other people’s garbage disposal. Fortunately Trailaskip’s unique delivery model gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to positioning your skip.

For more tips on safe and effective use of your skip speak to your local team in Tamworth or Toowoomba by phoning 1800 069 663.

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